Company:  HAWORTH     Purchase    Where do you like to work, how do you like to work, and what do you need to work? I wanted there to be a beautiful and elegant solution no matter what the answer, this is the idea and inspiration behind the Harbor Work Lounge.   Photography:   Dean Van Dis
   Purchase    Considering the perception of beauty and control, pitch is a collection of pieces that celebrates the balance of precision and imperfection. Combining a precise machining process with reclaimed wood. As the weathered and worn wood is shaped, the beauty and character from the variation in color, material arrangement, and signs of wear are exposed to produce a highly precise yet imperfect design. While the overall form is consistent each piece is unique.
   Purchase    My interest in staining the piece in black was to display the uniform mass, limit the expression of the grain, and highlight the cracks within and the space between.  Made from reclaimed wood and stained in all black.   
 Client:  UICA   Playing with the idea of use and purpose, found is driven by the concepts of ambiguity and discovery.  Objects are not defined by the name but rather how we use them. Just as the reclaimed material for these pieces has been discovered and formed, so too are the functions of the pieces in this collection.   Found is a collection of various tables,   stools, and benches, made   from reclaimed wood. The   function of the piece is   determined by your need.
 Company:  HAWORTH     Purchase    The thin open profile of Resonate provides pass through views and introduces a play with light and shadow, similar to effects that one might see in nature. The use of contrasting finish highlights the form and emphasizes the dialogue between the positive and negative space.The forms were inspired by that of a rolling landscape in which the foreground, middle ground, and background have all been merged together.
 Company:  HAWORTH    I wanted to create a height adjustable perch stool that was ultra-minimal and hyper functional, a beautiful tool. The real challenge was in rethinking the manufacturing and production processes in order to hide the gas cylinder and eliminate the visibility of any fasteners or hardware in order to not interrupt the form or the experience.
 Designers: Michael Welsh, Nicolai Czumaj-Bront, Simon Desanta  Company:  HAWORTH     Purchase    The V ery  Family is a clean and light family of seating that includes a wire stacker, side chair, stools, and a conference chair. Designed to work together or apart in any space. 
 Designers: Michael Welsh & Nicolai Czumaj-Bront  Company:  HAWORTH     Purchase    The V ery  Task chair is a clean and light task chair that was designed to coordinate with the Very Family and provide a high level of seating performance for task and conference applications.